q & a

What does a usual Family session look like?

You’ll see me arrive with cameras in hand and I might just take a few photos before we say hello. Within five minutes, you’ll realise its just another afternoon with your loved ones, the only difference is I’m there to capture it.

My goal is to bring you together as a family and to provide you with opportunities to connect and have fun. I’m hoping to capture the real you and your real moments. I have a relaxed approach so you won’t get over the top direction from me.

Show up as your best and happiest selves, but don’t worry if the kids are out of sorts, we can put on some music and make the most of it.

Where will our session take place?

Your session can take place within your home, at one of your favourite spots or I can suggest a location in your area. For in home sessions, you don’t have to fuss, just having things neat and tidy is great. If we’re on location bring your favourite picnic blanket, water, hats, snacks etc. If its torrential rain on our scheduled date, we can postpone.

what should i know for our newborn session?

Its usually easier for you if we capture this magical time in your own home. I will capture baby secure in your arms or comfortable in bed and work around the timing that suits you.

The best time to capture your newborn is within the first three weeks. I am also available for fresh 48 sessions and can combine this with an in home session at a discounted rate.

I am also studying to become a Post Partum Doula in 2019, so if you’d like to chat about your birth or bonding experiences, I am all ears.


What should we wear?

Feel amazing by dressing comfortably in your favourite clothes.

Luxurious linens, relaxed cottons.

Clothes that allow movement and are not restrictive.

Go for simple patterns or prints.

Try not to match, but if you do, its all good.

No pressure, but keep in mind these photos will hopefully last generations and may also be displayed in your home.

Some of my favourite brands are -

Auguste, Little Tienda, Christy Dawn, Spell, Not Perfect Linen, All that Remains, Ava & Louise, Children of the Tribe, Daughter

What camera gear do you use?

Mostly Canon. My favourite set up is my 5D MkIII with the glorious 50mm 1.2L lens. I also have a 6D and use a 35mm SigmaART. For 35mm film photography I have ‘Fern’, she’s my Canon 1V and I pair her up with another 50mm. Sometimes I also like to bring my Fujifilm Instax cameras because the kids LOVE them!

Why Film?

I’d love to offer you the experience of having your family moments captured on film. When light hits the film emulsion it gives us a tangible piece of photographic art, which is simply magic.

Its going back to the beginning of my photography journey, and I hope one day to be offering entire sessions on film. In the time being, I’m so happy I can offer a little taster.

When will my images be ready?

Delivery of images via your online gallery is usually within four weeks, however I always try to have them ready as soon as I can. This turn around time factors in the bespoke way film is developed and scanned by my professional lab. 

Once the link to your photos are sent to your email, you can download them straightaway.

Are you just another photographer?

Ahhh no!! I’m Kym Renay!! Haha. Sure, I’m one of a billion photographers out there, but I have my own way and my own style. I’m super passionate about giving you images to enjoy every day and that last for generations. I concentrate on real connections during the simple moments. I’m keen to keep things simple for you, so I offer just one package and try to give you as much as I can from our session. I strongly believe in printing quality photos, so you can independently purchase prints via your online gallery from one of Australia’s best photographic labs.

Thanks for making it this far. If you have any other questions, say hello!