Recently working with film

Three lessons learnt from my recent film adventures -

  1. The first few times I shot hybrid (digital and film) at a session, I leaned too heavily on my digital camera. Seriously. I only took half a roll?! I left feeling so deflated and I was so excited in the lead up, but I kind of forgot my film camera was there. I guess my digital was safe and familiar. Following sessions I made a conscious effort in taking more film photos. I even put my digital away for part of a session to concentrate on film, but really missed the digital shots that could have come from that scene. Anyway, lesson is, find a good balance with shooting hybrid.

  2. Getting my film developed. Talk about procrastination. To be fair, I am not doing any of this full time, barely part time and I have the young kids and excuses excuses. Life is busy. Remembering to take the film to be processed is not in my usual post production workflow and it took me WAY longer than it should have. But eventurally I got there, actually in person. It was nice to drop it off but then I spent the entire time refreshing my emails hoping to see the one containing the link to my film scans. What was I doing? Ok. Patience. Remember this is why I wanted to reacquaint myself with film….slow….down.

  3. Back on track. When I let myself accept my lab was working away at developing my rolls, I got the email. And I fell in love. I was on a creative high. They were not technically perfect but they were perfect to me. I’ve gravitated towards my B&W images. Just as I did back when I was a teenager and my dad let my bestie, sister and I go full throttle on whatever B&W stock was handy at the time on his Canon A1. The same feeling I got when I realised I could shoot, process and scan my own B&W film images when studying at ACP in Sydney in 2010. The kind of creativity that feeds the soul. Yep, back on track with this film thing.

kym renay